Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another do it yourself fly-back tester assembled and working

Hi Humphrey,
Hope you are well today! I just wanted to inquire if you can get me i.c CD4015 over there because I have moved around various stores here in Dar es Salaam to find any but in vain.
If it’s available I can make arrangements for acquiring a few pieces.

Thanks! Regards,

Hi Emmanuel
Very possible…

Ok, how much does each cost and what is the transportation charge with Kampala coach or modern coast or any other bus service from there to Dar es Salaam so I can send you the money please?

I will check the price in town this weekend then come back to you
Regards Humphrey

The rest of the communication was on what’s up.

Monday, August 24, 2015

21 inch LG CRT television model 21FS6RG-T3 dead now repaired

I received a phone call from a client who wanted me to pass by his place to check on his TV which had a problem.

He told me he was referred to me by a gentleman who thought I can help him out of the problem, so I arranged a date and we meet at a specified location within my estate and off to his residence.

Upon arriving, the television which was already packed in the store was brought over to me and before opening I decided to apply power to see if there was any sign of life on the TV.

After applying power I got no symptom of power getting on and therefore decided to open the set…before opening the set the owner give me a disclaimer that the TV was from another technician.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Low output voltages from CRT monitor

Dear Sir,
I got CRT monitor. I have checked the voltages up to the big capacitors and everything is alright. When I check the voltages on the secondary side of the Transformer. I did not get good voltages.

I removed one leg of the diode and to check the voltage I heard a big sound in the neck board (one capacitor blown).

I don’t know why that happened. I am following your book which I have purchased online. Please help me. Do you want me send you some pictures of the board. This board is different from what you have shown in the book.
I will wait on your positive reply.

Best Regards,

Friday, July 17, 2015


A colleague of mine had a friend who wanted her television checked by a technician and he asked me if I can help her friend sort out the audio problem with her television

I fixed a date and off we went on site with him as my tour guide, I carried with me my usual minimum tools to help me with this assignment.

We found the television ON and the kid was watching the screen although there was no audio and I think this was good enough for a two year kid.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sinotech CRT television with rainbow screen now repaired

One of my customers from Zimbabwe  Mr.Beau Friend send in an email to me a few days ago....let’s hear what he was up to.....

Greetings Humphrey,
A friend brought in a Sinotech CRT TV for repair - my TV repair experience is fairly limited hence I purchased your recent book to assist me in getting up to speed in this field of repair.
I've sent a picture of the fault - I have a very pretty rainbow effect but not exactly sure where to look for the fault.
I replaced a 1k resistor that had dropped to 270 ohms in the HOT circuitry but still the same - I've thoroughly checked the PCB for cold joints. Any suggestions?
Many thanks and kind regards,
Beau Friend

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

introducing new eBook CRT television repair case histories vol.2

It is a pleasure to let you know that I have just launched a new book CRT TV Real Life Repair Experience Guide Vol.2

Besides the real case histories included in the e-book I have also added two bonus projects.

1. How to make your own isolation transformer easily
2. How to install universal CRT television kit to any television model

Stay safe


Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to test Horizontal Output Transistor in circuit and out of circuit

One of my customers from Nigeria Mr.Kutelu send in this question to me this morning. for the purposes of those who could be having the same problem i have shared this...

Good day sir. Thanks for your help so far. Pls sir, how can I test Horizontal Output Transistor in circuit and out of circuit so as to know bad one?