Friday, April 4, 2014

CRT tv remote control repaired

One of my CRT tv repair course customer Mr. Michel Ndala,From DRC congo send in this repair report.

Hello Mr. Humphrey, today I applied the rule of your e-book page 95
and 96, to repair a remote control of CRT TV that did not work.

I am very happy to let you know that it worked very well and I tell you sincerely that great.

Imagine that remote control belonged to a policeman and he watched me work, and when I took the radio to try to the frequency of 530 KHz AM He understood nothing.

But when trying to the TV and it work perfectly he was very happy. Do you know, it was only a bad connection to the crystal leg.

Thank you very Much.

Below you can see the inside of a remote control. Most of the problems with remote control are mechanical.

Usually the crystal oscillator used in TV remote control oscillate at around 530 Khz.

Therefore if you tune your radio to AM band and tune around 530 KHz then you should get some pulses if the remote is working.

 Thank you guys

Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to start a mobile phone repair

Kabeya Brice From South Africa want to know the starting point in mobile phone repair.

Hi Humphrey

I am a junior electronic technician working as a SMPS repair technician in a company fixing satellite receiver.

 I have got project of building my own workshop where I can be repairing plasma, LCD, monitors and phones.

I already have books on those but I don’t not have any clue on how to repair phones and it seems like you an expert on that would you give me guidance like where should I start, what to read, which training to do, some courses link.
Just tell me how you can help.

Hi Kabeya,
Thanks for your email Kabeya, I am not an expert on mobile repair but I know a few things (generally mechanical problems).
Fortunately most of the mobile phone problems are simple and require simple solutions.
To get started I advice to search for any mobile phone service repair manual from the net and most likely you are get one.
Once you get one you can then go ahead and download and usually they have enough info for starting point.
Most importantly is to know how to open mobile phones and the tools used to open.
I suggest you start opening your own phone so that you can have confidence in opening others.
Usually if you find any equipment (especially) a phone not opening easily, this could point to a hidden bolts still not picked up.
Please don't force anything otherwise you may break the phone.
Kind regards

Anyone with good info on where to get mobile phone repairs info kindly share with us.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

make your own Series Lamp Current Limiter easily

Today i will be sending out my second newsletter to all my registered members to my mailing list an article on how you can make your own Series Lamp Current Limiter easily.

 Here is a preview of what to expect

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See you on the other side

Humphrey Kimathi

Friday, February 14, 2014

HICON Television picture problem solved

Hi Humphrey
I had been fixing the CRT TV since last week. The TV name is HICON. The problem with the TV is the image was not clear.

 With the help of your free reports on the internet, I managed to look through the neck board scan through the board and found one electrolytic cap open and one resistor should read 33 ohms whereas it reads in Mega ohms. After changing these two components, I powered it on then the problem remains still the same. After all that, I uproot the CRT socket and clean the green corrosion on it, put it back then powered it on again the image came back to normal (clear) again.

The picture doesn't look good because the image was taken in the sunlight beams and shadows. Sorry about that, we are in the tropical.

 This article is prepared by Mr. Steward Moli
A repair tech from Australia

Friday, January 31, 2014

feedback from my first newsletter

After sending my first newsletter out this morning here is a feedback from a member from Philippines Mr. Ernesto.

and here is what Mr.Romeo has to say....

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My first newsletter- members only

Beginning this month of January 2014, i will be publishing monthly newsletter.
 This will be members only and therefore if you are interested on getting those updates, you are most welcome to join my mailing lists.

If you have already subscribed please don't do it again

See you on the other side

Humphrey Kimathi

Saturday, January 18, 2014

DVD player picture freezing and how to set the spindle motor height

 Hi Humphrey,
One Samsung DVD player after 25min of playing picture is freezing (stuck), sometimes picture is played intermittently with broken sound. I saw optical block dancing backward and forward when this trouble starts. Replaced spindle motor problem was same.